Endurance sporter and Endurance trainer

English translator / interpreter


Hans has practiced endurance sports since the early sixties, mainly long distance running up to the marathon. When triathlon was introduced in the Netherlands, he became fascinated by this new sport, especially the many sides of it. In 1984 he finished in his first triathlon. So he has partially been participating in the first pioneer years, the period when there was a constant search for new techniques end materials.

This fascination made him decide to learn more about the physiological backgrounds of (endurance) sports. He became a triathlon trainer and for years he has coached and trained triathletes and runners of every level.

This special interest in endurance sport has brought him into contact with Peter Janssen, who took his book on training with the then novel heart rate monitors to the market. As a translator he has contributed to the international renown that Peter Janssen’s books have got.

After 200 triathlons it was the time to stop, but the fascination has remained.