In the pedophilia scandal in English football 248 clubs are now involved. This is evident from the latest outcome announced by the police. It means there are a hundred more than a month ago.

According to the police, 184 potential perpetrators have been identified up to now and 526 potential victims. Most of the facts were committed more than 20 years ago. Some children were only four years old at the time of the offences. None of English football layers escaped from the scandal, from amateurs to professional teams, including four in the Premier League.

Former players Steve Walters (left) and Andy Woodward create a news conference to have been known victims of abuse.

The pedophilia scandal broke out in mid-November after revelations by Andy Woodward (43), a former player of the club Crewe Alexandra who told the Guardian newspaper about his ordeal. Since then more than twenty players, including former internationals have spoken out that they were sexually abused as a child by a trainer or other in football employed persons. Since then players in other sports came forward who have been victims of abuse.

The English Football Association FA (Football Association) and the clubs are accused of having shut their eyes for decades to the abuse.