One out of every six workers sleeps badly and this can cause considerable problems in the office. For them – and for people who sleep well – Marie Vandekerckhove argues for the important of power naps.

Sleep problems are the disease of the century, as is often said. And so says a survey of the Dutch market researcher TNS Nipo. More than 59% of people with sleep problems may focus difficultly when they work a result that is not surprising for sleep expert and professor of psychology Marie Vandekerckhove. “Because of lack of sleep the storage and process information is going backwards, you make mistakes more easily and have more concentration problems,” she says. Moreover, there are also emotional consequences. “You’re more irritable and irritated faster, so you get more problems with your colleagues.”

The main cause is the lack of healthy sleep hygiene and good sleep rhythm. Too late and greasy food or evenings staring at a screen have been disastrous for a good night’s sleep. “If you have much stress during the day and you will find no outlet, you will sleep too restlessly. Often it takes longer to fall asleep and be faster and more awake. “

Power nap on your work

According to the professor taking a nap might bring about miracles. “In China or Spain, the power nap is daily routine, but with us it is unfortunately not starting yet. However a siesta, twenty minutes or half an hour, is healthy for everyone. It strengthens your immune system, improves your mood and promotes concentration, “Vandekerckhove says.