Article By: Lidewey van Noord

The stage from  Montelimar  to Villars-les-Dombes was a race with a very strong Mistral headwind.   That the start was given fifteen minutes earlier could not prevent that the riders were moving as if the road was coated with apple spread.

With still 176 kilometers to go  Jérémy Roy, Alex Howes, Martin Elmiger and Cesare Benedetti jumped away. The sprinter teams were satisfied with their lead, so the viewer there had no other option than endlessly enjoy a status quo. The commentators on the other hand had to do their very best. They were forced to elaborate as much as possible about, well, about everything really.

The leading group during the 14th stage

So Michel Wuyts, the Belgian TV commentator, informed the viewer about the very interesting fact that the Swiss Elmiger is a great admirer of cows. Because they always look so friendly and curious at him as he passes them on his bike.  Wuyts concluded that Elmiger is quite easily allows charmed, but I immediately became an admirer of Elmiger.

Imagine him as he waves his hand excitedly during his training rides in Switzerland  to Alpine brown cows, in their turn greeting him  by ringing merrily with their bell.

The stage finished in a bird park, but even the storks and pelicans refused to provide action when they were filmed from the helicopter. Twitter brought the rescue: a live stream that showed bears catching salmon in a river in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

Salmon that jumped high out of the water, a bear who sat calmly in the river waiting for his chance to catch a fat fish – it was as if they represented the Tour stage. Occasionally a bird flew chattering through the image. Three baby bears were patiently waiting on the banks for their mother to finally catch one – the loyal viewers.

Two salmons later Mark Cavendish captured his fourth stage victory.

Peloton on their way to the top

Victory Cavendish