Article By: Lidewey Van Noord

Nobody knew what the beast looked like. It kept himself hidden, spying the peloton from ditches and woods. But the proximity of the disaster was palpable.

It was thought that the beast manifested itself as the wind, raging fiercely on the bald head of the Mont Ventoux. The organization of the Tour decided to shorten the route, to behead the Giant of the Provence to eliminate the danger. The predator roared in satisfaction: the freedom of movement of his prey was restricted.

The monster

One moment Simon Gerrans and Ian Stannard seemed intended victims. In a bend they flew down. Yellow jersey Chris Froome charged a tactical pee break, so that his manservant Stannard could return. The peloton, paralyzed by an imminent threatening feeling, let the fool come back and reduced speed.


A little later a man along the trail fell off his horse. It took much effort to get the animal calm. But the horse was not in danger; it only had to feel the evil slipping along his legs.

The proximity of the disaster was palpable

Froome’s bike was broken so he started to run to the finish.
Chris Froome runs at the Mont Ventoux

While on the Mont Ventoux, the cameras focused on the two Belgians who fought in front to a historic stage victory that nobody will talk about, proved the disaster to have taken place suddenly. The next picture: Chris Froome who ran in a panic up the mountain without bike. As if the beast had devoured his Pinarello and was now trying to seize him.

It took a while before the evil got a face: a motorbike that had to brake suddenly because of the passage that the public had kept for the riders was too narrow.

Danger emerges where people are blind to the vulnerability of the individual.