Because of the time difference it is here in the middle of the night now and I just read on my iPhone the message that Nibali has taken the lead in the Giro d’Italia. I dreaded that already after the great show of the day before. After yesterday I could not stand it any more and could even watch the last mountain stage of today. Nibali’s rise from the dead is a great miracle and even Jesus could have seen it as an example. But miracles such as this unbelievable resurrection are impossible without severe help from outside. What happens here is the final deathly blow to the sport of cycling, the biggest scandal, deceit or corruption. Nibali rode this Giro as a battered dog not standing any chance at all against his near competitors. He had absolutely no illusions left as early as halfway the race, yearning for the end of this hell on earth. And then – two days before the finish – this show of power. Too scandalous for words.

If the UCI does not take immediate action now they should completely abolish the sport of cycling. Sponsors! Stop investing. Spectators! Stop watching. Nothing has changed and it is naive to expect it.

The UCI must now do whatever they can and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Nibali has experienced this miracle in a natural way. And all these data and results, and each and every bit of it, should be published clearly, understandably and completely. No prattle about privacy and other excuses, for me this is the ultimate test for the credibility of cycling. There must be proof that Nibali was clean. I fear the worst. It is one minute to twelve. If this is not investigated to the very bottom it is worse than a thousand little motors in frames. It is also the ultimate test for Cookson to show he has balls. My  heart is in my throat.

Nibali with help from above
Nibali in the pink jersey
Nibali runs on water
Nibali and Astana, cheating continuously