Tom Dumoulin has released his power data for publication. Perhaps he wants to give an answer on all the discussions about his credibility as a cyclist. Of course, his performance during the last Tour of Spain was exceptional. The sensation would only have been even greater if he had indeed won the Vuelta. He almost succeeded. On the last day in the mountains, the penultimate stage, he was successfully attacked by the strong team of Astana, which their leader Aru won the Tour of Spain.

The visualized data demonstrate the power delivery from Tom Dumoulin during major climbs of the Vuelta 2015.

During the 2nd stage, he drove into 2nd place on the short steep arrival to Camino del Rey. His power score was 459.6 watts for 8 min. 29, which corresponds to 6.6 watts / kg.

During the 6th stage in the ascent of the Sierra Cozorla, he delivered even 7 watts / kg when he defended his leader’s jersey in the pursuit of Chaves.

At his stage victory on the Cumbra del Sol, where he defeated Chris Froome in the 9th stage, he yielded 6.6 watts per kilogram.

Dumoulin over Froome

The average power delivered over the longer climbs usually remains under 6 watts per kg. However, this level was still impressive especially because the real climbers were not able to leave him behind. When Dumoulin had finally capitulated on the Puerto Cotos, during the penultimate stage, he scored his lowest value during this Vuelta namely 5.2 watts per kilogram.

After the defeat.


“The development of Tom is confirmed by objective measurements we made during the season. We did not expect that he was already so far and could play an important role for the overall win. But that it is passed in this way also does not surprise me”, his trainer said.

The coming winter we will discuss whether he is ready to win a Grand Tour. His measured data show that it must be deemed capable.