For some, it is an ideal start to the day: a glass itself-produced morning urine. Not very tasty, but good for the health. Prevents and cures many ailments. From athlete’s foot to pneumonia from baldness to rheumatism. At least, that the defenders of the so-called urine therapy want us to believe. But how (un) healthy is your own morning pee actually?

Drinking urine is a centuries old custom and comes from eastern regions. Also in Europe can be found followers of this strange habit. You can find them among the advocates of very alternative medicine and dietary patterns. That some people still believe in the urine proves out several books on the subject. Such as URINE A SOURCE OF HEALTH and GOLDEN FOUNTAIN.  With the accompanying text: Drinking urine is healthy and invigorating. The author also drinks every morning his morning urine.

The Guardian reported last year that several sportsmen are urine drinkers. Also the former Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic had the habit to consume his morning urine.

To what must urine be derived from their purported therapeutic properties? It is 95% water. The remaining 5 percent is composed of substances such as urea, sodium, potassium, sulfates, phosphorus, calcium, and ammonia. The yellow color comes from urobilin, a bile pigments.

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What puddle fans may say, for the medicinal properties of these wastes is no evidence.  An American study depowered the myth that urine is sterile, as is often argued by proponents of the therapy. In a Nigerian study (Pan African Medical Journal, 2010) states that urine therapy should be discouraged because evidence for the beneficial effects are  missing and bacteria are found in the urine of healthy children.

Drinking urine is not dangerous but it’s also good for nothing, says a professor of nutrition at the University of Amsterdam. At most, someone who ended up in the desert might delay his death a little   by drinking his urine, but it does not help much.

According to Professor Kersten, professor of nutrition at the University of Wageningen, the demand for drinking urine belongs in the category of “Is it healthy for my head to pound it  against the wall?

The professor: Urine is full of waste products that the body will rid of. An important component is urea, a breakdown product of amino acids. The idea that this would have a beneficial effect is completely ridiculous. There are only anecdotal stories of people who are not quite normal in the head. More I will not tell you about it.