The white socks were excommunicated and black cycling shorts were replaced by ones with the most diverse colors. Yet again a series of photos to convince yourself of all these changes.

Classic black cycling pants


Argos Shimano

What serious comments you can make about the blunder in the selection of, in this case the red and white racing shorts. Would such a manager of Argos, Iwan Spekenbrink and their sponsor Argos, really did not even notice that  their riders in this outfit looks like  idiots and  everywhere  are the butt of ridicule, disgust and pity. I cannot imagine that the choice of the white race pants has been a conscious one to allow their riders a yearlong running and driving around like this. If that was the case, so if it did was a conscious choice, they have reached their goal; namely, more attention, but then on the basis of a very dubious arguments. May be it does not matter how a team draws attention, positive or negative is not important. I heard at the time at PDM also the argument that they were quite satisfied with all their doping affairs given the excessive attention that it yielded and the brand recognition of the product as a comet skyrocketed.

But these colored trousers are so tasteless and horrible it is yet another disgrace that cycling degrades itself. It obviously says something about the quality of the management. It resembles a full brain blackout.

I have therefore, made the recommendation to the ethics committee of the UCI, that teams who are dressed similarly, cannot be allocated their ProTour Team license. The UCI who recorded in their rules that the world champion on the road is required to drive in the outfit of the world champion.  The white rainbow jersey in combination with the white trouser. If riders do not want this they may change the white UCI pants in the pants of their own team. It seemed that Peter Sagan did not want to show himself in a white UCI cycling short. But in view of the picture, it appears that he still has come to understand, or is collapsed for the pressure. Or anyway…..

For the first time in 2013 the Golden Cock Award is given to the cycling team that has brought the past year their genitals in the most original way to the attention. The prize was won by Argos Shimano, with more than streets ahead.

The Golden Cock Award

Finally this. Cycling is a very tough sport. The suffering of the riders has made this sport popular. After the race, they are often totally exhausted and barely able to say a word. It is one of the facets which make cycling so appealing to the people. The suffering of the cyclist is glorified.


So make use of it and let those idiotic soigneurs, with their stinking face cloths, not touch the riders for a short while after the finish so that the mud and the suffering still remains on their faces and is visible for the lucky film maker or photographer.  On the site of Bart Brentjens, I found only two photos of a muddy face. And further looking for pictures of exhausted and worn out heroes the yield was very low. This is because the soigneurs after the finish dive like shit fly on their drivers,   in the hope that, in front of the TV camera,   all the people in his street can see that Dirk Nachtergaele may brush clean Tom Boonen.



Dirk Naghtergaele