How to install tubes.

First of all, we make the smooth surface of the rim a little rough with sandpaper or a dremel, we just go softly over the rim, so that the glue sticks better.

After sanding and degreasing the surface the first layer of glue is applied. This first layer of glue is very important; this layer must be very thin allowing it to harden well. Take care that the glue is spread well over the entire surface allowing it to dry completely.

After this let the wheel dry at least 24 hours. The glue should not stick anymore when you push with your finger on it. The glue we use most is from Continental or Vittoria.

Diameter tube

When the glue is dry and hard a second layer is applied in the same way as the first layer, and let it also dry completely.

We treat the tube in the same way as the rim, with the only difference that we do so only once.  After drying and hardening   we put the tube on the rim to stretch.

At the earliest on the third day, the wheel is ready to put the tube on the rim. But first there will be a thin layer of glue applied on the tube.  Then the rim is smeared again, but now with a generous amount of glue. This is necessary because the tube will stick better and also the tube is sliding better when we put it on the rim.

After the positioning the tube, the excess of glue is removed with benzene or degreaser. Be sure the brake surface is completely free of glue.

After a night’s rest and drying we can feel confident about the race without fear that the tube is not properly put on the rim.

Important advice: don’t install new tubes. A new tub should first be old. Place the tube for at least 1 year in a dark place. Two or three years are even better. Thereafter, the quality of the tube is optimal and punctures will rarely occur.

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