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Femke has written history during the recent world championships cyclo cross, in Zolder Belgium, by having her bike caught  with doping in the form of a built-in motor in her frame which can provide an additional capacity of 200 Watts. That’s a lot, much more than any other form of doping too. An EPO treatment or blood transfusion can be very effective but does by no means come in the neighborhood.

What surprised me was the huge attention that has been given to the incident on TV and in the newspapers and even the social media operated for a few days in overtime. And all that went over the entire world. Everyone felt the need to utter his own opinion.  Starting with Eddy Stimul Merckx, fervent doping user during his career, and Brian Cookson, chairman of the UCI, who very combatively reported that the matter should be sorted out to the bottom.  And Marc Madiot president of the French association for professional cyclists said: ‘A lifetime suspension is the only option. The future of cycling is at stake’.  I always have the idea that all those ‘offering an opinion’ people want to show how spotlessly clean they are and how depraved all those offenders. Especially former doping users, who have never been caught, are masters in this tactic. Like Dutch former pro cyclist Erik Dekker and 800 meter gold medal winner Ellen van Langen who recently blamed Ria Stalman, who came after 34 years to her doping confession. Ellen van Langen said in a news paper: ‘Nobody has ever been able to take off me and other top athletes, their   self-respect and the absolute conviction that you are faithful to your own integrity’. That is a typical answer of an old doping user.  The same you can say of many others like Paula Radcliffe with her world record of the marathon in 2.15.25 hour.

Eddy Merckx
Brian Cookson
Erik Dekker
Ellen van Langen

But I deviate, so back to Femke Van den Driessche and her motor. Cookson had no words about the failure of the UCI policy in this special subject but also not in the fight against doping in general, and that already for many, many years. The UCI needed at least six years in order to develop a method to screen bikes on motors in the vertical tube. Not long ago they could control two bikes in one hour but with the new technique it takes only one minute. So with a bit of luck they can do 60 bikes in one hour.

Two mechanics, still working for pro Tour Teams, told me downright about the ridiculous way of bike-control since 2010, so more than five years, by UCI-people. Immediately after the race they present themselves for the team that they want to examine one bike. They leave that bike at the team, putting a plastic cord around the handlebar so that the bike is still recognizable. This cord would be difficult or impossible to remove. Usually at seven o’clock in the evening they come back to the team to start the examination of the bike.

Both mechanics marveled at the way of checking the bikes. After all, it takes no problems to mount the handlebar if necessary, if there was a hidden motor in the bike, to another bike with no motor. Nobody will be the wiser. One of them also knew that the control was evaded in this way. It is therefore logical that all these years, no motor was discovered.

By Femke’s fraud it has become clear to me how well that motor has been developed and how well it works and how easy it is to buy one. Along with that fact and the bungling of the UCI it is clear that the first case of mechanical doping was only a question of time. Femke is guilty, her family is guilty and the UCI has been guilty of serious negligence on their ignorance and amateurism of the worst kind. Do not let this UCI people do this work. They are often not neutral and far too much cycling supporters. Thereby too often easy to manipulate. I have the right to speak given my 25 years of experience in cycling.

That hassle with motors has of course been going on for years. In my opinion it began with Fabian Cancellara during the Tour of Flanders in 2010. He rode effortlessly away from Tom Boonen, his only breakaway fellow on ‘ the Wall of Geraardsbergen’.

He relegated Tom Boonen to a novice. The difference and the ease with which it went were far too large. Moreover Spartacus sat flashyly fidgeting with his brake grips. And that was not all. It was also highly suspicious that Cancellara changed bike three times at decisive moments in the race. One week later in Paris Roubaix he made an even more colorful show. The way he leaves his opponents behind him is unprecedented. This all happens in 2010.

Paula Redcliffe
Femke van den Driessche
Fabian Cancellara
Tom Boonen

Meanwhile Femke has ensured that I am fully informed about mechanical doping. And for that I am grateful to her. That little motor is a marvel of technology which can be installed invisibly. Math Salden, a bicycle shop owner in the south of the Netherlands, advertises with motorized race bikes. In the abundance of information a bicycle shop owner told that he had sold dozens of these bikes. To elderly but also to fun-riders who wanted to steal the show in this way. To cyclists taking part in races he did not want to sell because these bikes were not intended for that purpose. A young rider tried to change his mind by promising him half of his prize money. Fortunately he was able to resist it. Bike shop owners as guardians of our morality, much crazier it should not be.

Maikel Boogerd
Wall Of Geraardsbergen
Johan Museeuw

It also appeared and there are even a lot of videos to see on YouTube that the motor repeatedly and extendedly was tested. With Museeuw at the Oude Kwaremont. He rode along with a well-trained fun-rider, first both on a velo-naturel. At the first attempt the fun-rider could not follow Museeuw. On the second climb of the Kwaremont the fun-rider changed his bike for a motorbike and Museeuw kept his velo-naturel. The difference was unbelievable. Now it was Museeuw who could not follow the fun-rider. The same test was also done with Boogerd on the Wall of Geraardsbergen and also this time the result was identical to that of the Kwaremont. That means that the bike with the motor is enormously effective concerning the improvement of the effort.

Although there will always be individuals who will claim that such a motor does not matter because the study was not double-blinded. I say nonsense? I do not think so. Professor Adam Cohen, drugs researcher, claims that EPO does not improve the performance and has a high risk of serious harm. Two incorrect assertions in one sentence. And psychologist Bram Brouwer also claims in his thesis that EPO does not work and that cyclists are stupid idiots who let them be fooled by taking an inactive expensive medication.

Adam Cohen
Bram Brouwer
Herman Ram

Money wasting scientific researchers who are convinced that EPO does not improve the performance of endurance athletes. Utterly pointless research. Should be suspended for life and ban from exercising professional for the rest of their life. This is much worse than the most serious doping violation.

And to make matters worse a study on the effect of EPO on the performance of top-athletes soon starts in the Netherlands. According to the newspaper report there has been a constant dispute for years about this question. As far as I know there is no discussion at all if EPO is effective for endurance athletes. The number of scientific publications for this evidence is overwhelming. And all these stupid athletes who are massively convinced of the performance enhancing effects of EPO are not waiting for an investigation like this. One Jules Heuberger previously worked with Adam Cohen is in charge of this investigation. Prominent member of the research team is Herman Ram CEO of the Dutch Doping Authority, our national speed camera to keep the sport doping-free. What Ram is doing there is incomprehensible and has no sense at all. Moreover, it has nothing to do with his job description. His arguments to join get him neither here nor there. And whatever the outcome will be nothing is going to change. If Ram says that EPO does not work, even a dog does not believe him, and when he claims EPO works and is an effective performance enhancing drug nothing will change either. It is not the first time Herman Ram makes himself completely ridiculous. I cannot imagine that there is one intelligent person who is waiting for such an investigation. Senseless waste of tax money and time. Politicians should intervene and blow off this research.

A discussion or study about a better and more effective approach to the drug problem in cycling or sport would be much more meaningful. Special attention should be given to the doping control efficiency. Wada figures show that almost 25,000 doping checks have led to 235 suspensions in 2013. This is an efficiency of less than 1 percent. While the actual use of doping is estimated in various studies to be 20 to 30 percent. The large federations like the UCI and the IAAF should stop their involvement with doping and leave it by independent bodies. Now the UCI decides which riders should be tested, subsequently the UCI carries out the doping controls and finally the riders caught for doping will be sanctioned by the UCI. That system has not functioned in the past and that always leads to corruption.

Moreover the doping list should be renewed urgently and be made shorter because many products and methods do not belong on this list from a scientific standpoint.
Also the privacy of the athlete needs a better protection. At these moments it looks like everything is allowed in the name of a clean sport.
And finally the WADA must be controlled by neutral bodies. Currently they can do what they want without any control.

Bradley Wiggins is also convinced that the motor was used earlier in the pro peloton. Look at the videos on YouTube. There you can see that Ryder Hesjedal’s bike in the Tour of Italy, after a crash, keeps spinning around because the back wheel, by the activated motor, continues to spin hard.

The Femke Van den Driessche movie of the climb on the Koppenberg shows how hard she can ride with such a motor and how big the difference is with the rest of the bunch. That was in November 2015 during a cross for women. She reaches the top of that short, very steep climb of 600 meter with an advance of 10 seconds on the rest of the peloton. That causes already speculation by insiders on the use of a motor. Riders feel exactly how the relationship of forces is within the peloton. Femke was in every race two minutes behind some girls. When she suddenly becomes champion of Belgium and European Champion that is extremely suspicious, especially if the same girls cannot follow her anymore in those races. I also heard that the UCI was tipped to check Femke’s bike. In this way, take a look at the UCI achievement into perspective and see there is no reason to act self satisfied like they do. It remains a failing organization with a rather unconvincing Cookson as leader. Constantly shouting that cycling has undergone a metamorphosis and doping hardly does not occur anymore. Illusory wishful thinking stands in the way of good solutions. There is nothing changed into the heads of the riders or many team leaders or managers. As there is nothing changed in the minds of the bank managers with their greed behavior and their behavior and their mafia practices.

Man and thus the athlete are naturally evil and therefore willing to cheat. You see that not only in cycling but in the whole of society. The difference is that such a little incident with a motor is greatly inflated and gets too much attention. And everyone who is interviewed speaks of disgrace about the incident and then that it is so bad for the cycling sport, and it once again shows that they never learn. Sven Nijs, Danny de Bie, Marianne Vos, Eddy Merckx, Carl van Nieuwkerke, Brian Cookson too numerous to mention are unanimously of opinion that this incident was yet another deathblow for cycling. Of course, nonsense of the highest order because this kind of behavior is just part of people’s behavior; and cannot be eradicated. The comments of foregoing people make things like this just worse.

The much larger bastards from the banking system who enrich themselves at the expense of the customers with incomprehensible, supposedly attractive financial products, unfairly high premiums and then exorbitant bonuses for themselves when they have sold enough of that shit to the stupid rabble. I’ve never hear them assert how screwed up their business is. On the contrary, they defend themselves with tooth and nail for the public opinion against their grabbing behavior and withdraw from nothing and nobody’s business.

But back to Femke who apparently left everything to her surroundings and they have organized a motorbike for her. That seems to be a correct assumption. Because I saw the interview of father and daughter in the living room of the family and that make much clear to me. I do not speak my foreign language greatly but the body language I mastered in perfection. Femke floundered a bit and was afraid to say too much. Father did not say much but was there shrunken like a beaten dog and looking like the caught dominant psychopath. A newspaper report did not share my view and found that Femke in that interview probably was telling the truth. That certainly was not true. She told the lies of her father, dangling from his rope.

But is Femke less guilty if the motor was forced by her dominant entourage? That seems a reasonable opinion but that is not according to me. At her age of 19 years she is fully responsible for her own behavior and she will totally have to face the consequences. How hysterical reactions are at a time when a doping offense is punished out of all proportion and with totally no place for discussion or nuance.

Father of Femke
Thomas Bach terrorist
Ryder Hesjedal

Her father and her brothers are also guilty that is absolutely clear. They are also largely responsible for the committed fraud but this only comes to light when Femke has the courage and insight to be completely honest. The assassin remains the killer but his client shall be just as guilty. A major dilemma for Femke because she lives under control ‘the three’ that are probably not ready to relieve the daughter or the sister and admit their own role.

To be totally honest: it cannot therefore eliminate Femke’s fault but it can make her situation a lot lighter. But that opportunity will not be awarded by ‘the trio’. If she is totally honest it will be realistic that her chance to get a much lighter punishment is great. Moreover, the fact that public opinion, which is now against her will change favorably is to be expected. Whereby the heavy load which she has to bear for the rest of her life will have to be significantly lighter. Also the chance that she can return to her cycling sport will be much bigger. To be honest does not solve all her problems. Her confrontation with her family will be the hardest but can generate the most profit.

The fuss about doping has nothing to do with justice in normal society. There is not that much that has changed in comparison with the Middle Ages. The stakes of that time belong to the distant past but in its place came the mob oriented kangaroo courts which came into power in case of doping. In fact, nothing has changed. Add to this the incompetent and often thoroughly corrupt sports managers who make doping much worse than it is and who use the fight against doping to emphasize their importance.

All doping sinners at the stake. So we get a much better world.

As IOC President Thomas Bach who defended the enormous high costs for a positive doping test takes. A positive test costs about 1 million euros. But for Bach it is ok because he equates doping to the worst forms of terror. That is not someone you can sit with around the table to discuss this on a normal way. So Femke should hang, only just to set an example and to satisfy the sense of justice of the community.

Read the next article which explains in detail how an athlete should react in the event of a positive doping test. I am convinced that especially in cycling the lying and fudge at positive doping tests has ensured that cyclist has such a bad image and cycling people are considered to be rather silly people.

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Mechanical doping how it works?

Mechanical doping how it works?

In the bicycle frame is a hidden motor which is directly connected to the bracket. Pressing a hidden button on the handlebar put the battery into force so that the motor begins to turn; the rider gets more power.