William Bonnet was the unfortunate cause of the massive crash in the third stage of the Tour de France to the Wall of Huy. The big spectacular crash meant, among other things, the end of the tour for Fabian Cancellara and Tom Dumoulin who was that day on the hunt for the yellow jersey. And Bonnet himself who sustained a fractured vertebra in his fall.

He will need to rehabilitate a long time with his head in a brace for the proper repair his neck vertebra. That will cost him at least three months, so he can, if all goes well, race again in 2016.

But for the UCI it does not matter how badly you are wounded after an awful crash. For a clean sport there must be sacrifices and is everything is permitted. So Bonnet had to undergo a doping control, the so called targeted control, at his house.

Massive crash Tour de France, 2015
Same crash
William Bonnet

What a bunch of idiots who get it in their heads to submit a rider, in such a state, to a doping test. Those UCI idiots have talked and thought about it before they make the decision. The only argument I can think of is that they hope he is positive so they can blame him for the crash and condemn him. How sick you have to be to think in that way. And the riders do not react, as if nothing had happened and swallow it like hot cake.

William Bonnet with brace
After the crash


Who remembers Kevin van Impe who received a doping test on the day he arranged the funeral of his son. The boy was deceased a few hours after birth. The doping inspector showed according to van Impe no understanding of the situation.

Again, no understanding and lack of basic decency. Far beyond the bounds of decency, as Van Impe said. The ultimate proof of lack of competence and villainous behavior.