All Tour de France winners are time trial specialists and pace monsters on the flat road and uphill, on the many long climbs, that are included in the race route.  These are the main features to be among one the best of the bunch. By excelling in the time trials the top riders make the difference and during the mountain stages the real climbers are not strong enough  to win back the lost time.

Have a look at Miguel Indurain, Laurent Fignon, Jan Ullrich, very good climbers, but no top climbers.

The big motor is mainly responsible for the special qualities of the top cyclists. That means a large and extremely powerful and efficient working heart. That heart makes the difference and is the determining factor for their strength and extremely high performance.

  • A big motor provides a large aerobic endurance capacity.
  • A big motor is the result of both talent or predisposition and long endurance training.
  • A big motor training prepares the cyclist for the intensity of the races.
  • This are interval workouts with relative short intensive periods, with the heart rates in the orange zone, followed by periods of lower heart rates. Therefore, these courses are called BLOCK TRAINING. Other commonly used names are EXTENSIVE INTERVAL TRAINING and also TEMPO ENDURANCE TRAINING. Important is that the heart rate is driven into the orange zone.
All riders with a BIG MOTOR. Pedro Delgado, Miguel Indurain, Tom Dumoulin, Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Contador, Jan Ullrich, Greg Lemond, Bernard Hinault en Chris Froome.

A BIG MOTOR TRAINING enhances and improves cardiac function in all respects. However, you have to understand that the optimal effect of these types of workouts can only be achieved through years of training. Youthful riders must be careful with this kind of training especially when they do this training with experienced older riders. The number of BIG MOTOR WORKOUTS increases as a rider becomes older and stronger through years of training. The final result of a big motor training is impossible to predict in advance. So whether a talented young rider eventually become a top cyclist is impossible to predict in advance. Some good amateurs who turn out to be a pro cyclist do not make any progression after they were pro cyclist while others grow stronger year after year, so they continue to grow.

The heart is motor.
The motor is the heart.